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Pioneer History and a Lavender Festival

About ten days ago Chris and I played at Wolf Creek Inn & Tavern in the tiny town of Wolf Creek, Oregon. As we walked into the restaurant in the lower level of the building it was like stepping into the past, at least for a moment. Wood floors creaked under our feet as we wandered through a very vacant but pristine dining area while the Texas swing 1940’s classic “Roly Poly” echoed around us at a low volume.

Located along the Applegate Trail, Wolf Creek Inn & Tavern is a little piece of history just off I-5, north of Grants Pass. It was built in 1883 for an entrepreneur by the name of Henry Smith, who I assume made a pretty good living providing a refuge of comfort for the pioneers on the Applegate trail. Being the oldest continuously operated hotel in the Pacific Northwest, this place is thick with memories. Folks like Jack London and Clark Gable are remembered for staying at the inn. Black and white photos of the inn over the years line the walls of the interior and a lively patio is out back where patrons eat the famed BBQ and smoked chicken while listening to live music.

I see something very strange in this photo... what the hell is on my lips??

I definitely got good dose of ghostly vibes when I was there, so I took several uneventful photos inside while I was wandering around alone, hoping to capture a spirit presence upon a later inspection (alas, with no luck). Later while I checked out the inn’s website, I noticed they have a “Paranormal” tab: Haunts aside, we met some very nice folks at our patio performance and I do look forward to going back. We opted out of staying at the Inn but might go for the full experience next time.

See anything strange?
Wolf Creek Tavern & Inn

We then had a few days off and camped at my new favorite campground, Camp Creek, right off highway 26 west of Government Camp. Next on to Frog Lake (Chris’s favorite) then the Cove Palisades to be close to our show at a biker bar called Northside in Bend. Yes, Bend has a prominent biker culture and yes there are rough and tumble biker bars with live music and yes, folks were super nice and hospitable.

Camp Creek Campground

On to The Dalles the next day, staying with our friend Dale’s very sweet mother while Dale and his brother Lon joined us at the Rivertap for a perfect evening of outdoor music.

Helvetia Lavender & Christmas Tree Farm

Sunday was a jam-packed day of music. Starting off early at the Helvetia Lavender Festival, west of Portland. This is the third year I’ve been part of this wonderful little festival. I got to stock up on lavender products and had a beautiful view while playing. Later Chris and I joined the rest of The Avett Others for the second annual Porch Concert at Eric’s house. Wow, what a fun show! I feel lucky to be part of such an amazing community of music lovers.

The Avett Others Porch Concert 2019

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