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Portland based multi-instrumentalist Megan Cronin Tucker plays music at its most vulnerable, showing the tender underbelly of the human experience. Inspired by artists as varied as Tori Amos, Billie Holiday, Sarah Watkins, Brandi Carlile, Nick Drake and Blossom Dearie, she focuses on alluring melodies and smooth vocal lines that are powerful even without her poignant and often heart wrenching lyrics. 


Megan’s first musical love was classical violin. In 2008 she moved to Portland, Oregon and started violin playing in various rock and folk groups while studying both violin and viola. After several years of playing in these groups and dabbling in singing and composing, she decided to teach herself guitar as a tool to expand her songwriting. Today she performs regularly as a singer songwriter as well as teaches violin, viola and voice lessons.

When singing jazz, Megan brings her storytelling experience to the forefront. She performs songs that connect with her and in turn, connects with audiences as she delivers in her no frills chanteuse style.


In early 2021 Megan was diagnosed with a movement disorder which forced her to stop playing music altogether for much of the year. After ample rehabilitation and patience, Megan is happy to be back playing music for audiences again. Songwriting has become a survival tactic of sorts to process the immense emotions surrounding this life-altering diagnosis, which is reflected in her recent body of work.


photos by Lindsay Baca Photography

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