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A New Album, A New Diagnosis

The Album:

I am so pleased to share my new EP titled Home with my friends and family. The creation of these recordings got me through some dark and stale times this last year and it was truly a bright light for me this winter. I am lucky enough to have snagged Max Tucker to create a percussive atmosphere for each of the songs that surpassed all of my expectations and truly brought the music to life. My friend and (brief) former bandmate Katherine Dudney added some cello to one of the tracks (“Two Girls”) and I couldn’t have been happier with the finished product.

Oh and that's my pretty grandma Elizabeth!

Listen on any platform you desire here:

You can also buy a physical copy (or download the digital) here:

The Diagnosis:

Right now the world is opening back up as we are getting vaccinated, there are plans and so much excitement for the summer ahead. House concerts and outdoor festivals. How do I even get to the point here of telling how and why I won’t be playing those gigs, I won’t be doing things I once did because after a year and a half of odd symptoms I’ve been diagnosed with a neurological movement disorder called cervical dystonia.

Because the disorder affects my neck, at this time I’m not able to play my violin or guitar for more than a few minutes at a time. My head turns involuntarily to the left and my shoulder comes up toward my ear, significantly changing my posture. It can be pretty painful. Sometimes my voice is affected, but it just depends on the day. I am currently taking a break from teaching.

It’s been a strange roller coaster journey to get to the point where I am today: optimistic, but knowing my life is going to be different from now on. Since cervical dystonia is neurological, stress majorly affects it and I have had to basically figure out a new way to go about life with as little anxiety as possible. For someone who has battled anxiety for many years, this has really made me approach life differently. Taking the time to meditate, breath, and just rest when I am tired are things I now focus on each day. Voicing my needs has also been something I’ve had to learn how to do. Not to mention asking for help, which in my world has pretty much never been an option (in my mind).

I am lucky to have my partner, Chris, supporting me through all of the craziness. Cooking, cleaning, shopping and getting me ice and hot packs as needed. My mom and my sister too have been of infinite support.

If you want to know more about cervical dystonia check out this link:

Until next time,


My perma-head tilt going on here.

p.s. I put this video together from old family reels to one of the songs on my album titled "Two Girls":

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