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It Hurts to Unplug

My hands are raw and cracked from cleaning my house. My body aches from packing and moving my life into boxes. I’ve learned so much in the last week. Like how hard it is to unplug from conventional society once you are deep in it. All the little things piling up and up, making me dizzy with details. Actually leaving for this infamous tour was not as smooth and romantic as I had expected, as we of course, packed way too much. Tired and cranky leaving our house of three years at ten at night, I wasn’t overwhelmed with joy and excitement as I had expected, but just wanted to lie down and sleep.

Mount Shasta May 3, 2019

I am so grateful for our friends and community that has help and encouraged us the last couple months. From so many of our favorite people coming out to our last show before the tour to our dear friend and neighbor Kim for helping us with doggie duties and instrument sitting. I will so miss my community of violin and viola students. I enjoy the company of each of them so much and feel incredibly lucky to have found myself in a profession that attracts truly the greatest of folks.

Beginnings are rough when such a big change occurs. I am still a city girl trying to fit my life into a van with a tall man and medium sized dog. Let the transformation happen, I’m ready.

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You are brave and strong! I am happy to share your journey from the comfort of my recliner!

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