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Going East to Experience the West

This morning we left a cush campground at Utah Lake State Park just outside Prove, Utah. I’ve heard so much about the Mormon influence in Provo but nothing about the landscape, which is truly breathtaking. A fresh layer of snow covered the daunting peaks that loom over the town.

View from Utah Lake campground Provo, UT

We just spent the last week in Colorado, staying with my sister Coral in Loveland. We got to play at one of my favorite restaurants growing up, Avogadro’s Number. Avo’s in known for it’s amazing food, community feel and music culture. Big names have played there like Trampled By Turtles and Elephant Revival, but it’s also a favorite for local small time bands. It’s been a staple in Fort Collins for around 50 years.

Later in the week we played at Lo Co Artisan Coffee in Loveland, a new coffee shop focusing on community and health through good food and drink. The owner, Shane, was so welcoming, he even cooked us (gluten free!) waffles the morning after the show.

Barry - Nicki - Me 2019

I was able to reconnect with a few of my childhood friends while in Northern Colorado: Barry, Nicki and Jami. It was amazing and surreal to look off stage and see Barry’s adorable twins playing with Nicki’s sweet little girl. It’s strange how when you know people as kids you always think of them that way and when they have kids themselves it is truly startling. I feel so grateful to be able to create an environment for community and friendship in music. It is moments like this when I think maybe I am doing something right in this life.

Leaving Loveland Saturday morning for a show in Gunnison later that night we drove through rain, snow and sun. The top of Monarch Pass presented us with spectacular views, plenty of snow and an elevation high enough for strain to be felt with just a moment of jogging around with Nora. She, on the other hand, was not phased by the altitude.

Monarch Pass 11,312'

That night we played at High Alpine Brewing in Gunnison, CO a happenin’ downtown brewery with a relatively young crowd. Here we were greeted by a super organized staff and friendly and supportive patrons. I had once been to Gunnison when I was in college at Fort Lewis (circa 2002) sometime in January or February and all I remember is my car heater breaking and it feeling like the coldest place I’d ever been. Though it indeed snowed while we were just there (eek, in May) my overall perception of the place is greatly improved.

Gunnison, CO in May

Now heading to Craters of the Moon National Monument, the rugged Idaho landscape promises many more natural wonders for us to explore in the next couple days as we head back west to Portland.

Craters of the Moon National Monument - Idaho

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