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A Van Changes Everything

Traveling didn’t quite seem real to me until we found our van. After months of imagining a tour van we somehow, and very fortunately, stumbled across almost exactly what I had been picturing for us. What I had imagined, but better, because in my imagination I built the bed and storage areas, got roof racks installed, etc. This van came ready made! What a relief to not have to worry about doing a build out, though I was up for the challenge. The previous owner loved this van so much and I plan to do the same. I can’t wait to take this little lady on some great adventures!

As we wrap up our lives in Portland, getting rid of so much stuff, and our departure date creeps closer and closer, it wasn’t until this van was in our lives that all this became so f****** real to me.

Our new 1990's Safari!

ALSO! Check out our new video of "The Sunset Highway", shot at Myna Bird Studio in Portland, Or.

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