Like all performers in this era of COVID-19, life has been turned a little upside down. As we all are, I’m  just taking life week by week, day by day. 


I’m happy and relieved that I have successfully moved all of my violin and viola lessons online as well as my Americana for Violin class. In lieu of the String Ensemble class, I am using my Patreon page as a platform for sharing PDFs, recordings and tips on the music I had hoped to be working on at this time. A silver lining to all of this online transition is that anyone anywhere can join in the fun. 


I'm also very excited to announce that my fourth EP, titled "Home", will be released late March or early April 2021, so stay tuned!


Send me a message if you want to chat about any of this. In the meantime I’ll be recording, playing, writing, perfecting my online presence and hopefully getting around to watching all of Star Trek.


Please take care of yourself and stay healthy. 


Much love,